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sadly didn't amke it to chatsworth due to a heavy shower ten min before we were due to meet, picnic was rearranged to be indoors instead.


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Well I've spent a relaxing weekend, I was planning to go to the style gathrer but as it was cancelled spent the whole morning in bed, reading and knitting. Scarf for D is well on its way. Then went to Derby and wondered around the area around by the cathedrale which is a nice area and got some new work shoes and other bits including a new handbag. Am surposed to be going for a picnic at chatsworth tomorrow, so hopefully the weather will get better, but that isn't too hopeful.

Doctor who was great tonight but a real pity theres no more to christmas, not sure I'll last that long. Better go and try.


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this weekend has been a bit of a wash out so far, have failed to clean the flat, but need to finish before friday so have several more days to go. have managed to do the washing today and washed the car yesturday which looks a lot better now. am waiting to see what the weather does tomorrow but am hoping to head to bakewell for the day.

have had a small sucess this weekend - i've found the church God wants to put me in, after lots of issues around trusting God to show me the right church i have finally listened and am fairly happy with the church he wants me in.

on another note i've got my legs out for the summer, however the fake tan has ended up thicker around my knees than the rest of my legs so look slightly odd. however my arms are much better now especially when i wearing white.

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Have finally finished unpacking - well nearly, have one bag of cuddly toys and bags to go, but they at least i know its just that in it. Have found my knitting today which means i might just finish my pink scarf to go with the rather splendid hat i brought when i was skiing. Am also being really domesticated today and doing all the washing and cos I've unpacked i have set up the dining room come study, which is what i've turned the second bedroom into.

Also found my collection of ornimental bears - i knew mum had packed them when my sister repainted our bedroom and they got left packed, but was nice to see them all again and out on my shelves.


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Hi all (waves madly)
I'm back online. Not supposed to use live journal etc at work so have finally got online at home.
Have settled in to job somewhat, new boss starts on monday and i have my first clinics to run which should be fun.
Flat is working out well and i've nearly unpacked. Still need to do a few bits. sorry I haven't caught up with other peoples posts for a while.


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am now on second day in new job. Loads of induction stuff to do. Moving has gone well and am nearly settled into flat.

Internet is still scetchy though, am hoping to connect at home. got to dash

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three days to work!!!!!!!!! Then the scarrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy move.

spent the whole of saturday sorting out stuff. Had to go to Derby to sign contract for flat which is all done and just have to pay rent etc and pick keys up on thursday.
Have brought a waldrobe, and a fridge freezer, all borring stuff, but essential. Have packed up bedroom but still have loads to do.

Got to dash

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I'm back!
(and back at work :( )

Have had a great time in switzerland. Have seen lots and lots of snow - it snowed at least once on four seperate days, including the day i was surposed to fly home, hence flight was delayed by two hours.

I failed at learning to ski, but am determined to do it and am going to get some lessons in this country over the summer and try again next year. Am also going to get fitter and loose weight.

Am now starting to pack for moving, have done some but lots more to do, so am going to be busy, but nice boss has given me the day off to move.

I have finished Margot's story, which is good, although very hard to write at times.

I have also had a chance to reflect on some pretty awesome stuff God has done in my life over the last few years - it kind of all hit me on the last night of my holiday, am not ready to share it all yet, but hopefully in time i will be able to.


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i can't believe it's the end of feb.

Have been positive and booked two viewings for sat, with a third in the pipeline - looks the most promising of the lot, so by sat evening i will hopefuylly have a flat.

today's been quiet, with monthly staff meeting this afternoon. On a better note a copy of Challenge arrived this morning so sitting nice and shiney on my desk

got to dash and do paperwork


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Not that I'm counting down or anything.

this morning has been ok.

Dentist yesturday wasn't - silly woman made my guns bleed, especially the sore one. thus today it is sorer in protest. am now hoping it will heel. have decided not to try to have the crown put on at present as it will go near where gum is sore - gum was made sore when tooth broke.

am hoping for a quiet weekend, no guides tonight cos of half term, but have to go to annual guider and scouter meal instead, my last one. depends on what table we get put as to how this goes. and then nothing planned for the rest of the weekend. hurrah.

still need to find somewhere to live as i will be homeless in seven weeks.


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